Coral-Labs is a pedagogical program and a research experience where a group of people linked to the performing arts, feminism and beyond meet once a moth for six months .
The group welcomes different practices through the labs that propose to open a space to research diverse themes on the current feminist agenda.
Parallel to these meetings, the group works on the accumulation of material, reflection, the relationship of information and the generation of possible proposals.

In Coral-labs we practice research, collaboration, and address political urgencies in the work of developing feminist practices and methodologies for the creation of new pedagogies and feminist aesthetics in the performing art world.
Coral-labs wants to propitiate a space of investigation open to the process of each individual that is also open to the process of a group.
Coral-labs aims to be a space for research, training, questioning and the flow of information; a place to share practices, ways of thinking and generate encounters and interconnections.

Here a short description of some of the labs:

Gender Loops, on the technologies of the binary system of gender and the research and embodiment of other identities outside of it.

Manada, on the technologies of the actions of care through a body based, physical practice for all the bodies and a method called ‘the choreography of a conversation” to talk in a group about what is feminism in each specific group, while activating empathy, and alterity, meaning becoming the other, acknowledging different approaches and welcoming differences and contradictions.

Autobiographies. On the recognition on different lines of privilege and oppression in a group to map and find the intersections within us as a way of resistance.

Choreographing the school: ways of learning and working with texts, objects and space in a non normative way. 

Eco-feminism, work in collaboration with Plants.

This projet is supported by Engagement Arts, and received an INJUVE price for its development in its first edition in 2015.

Coral-labs was performed at KAAI theater on the 7 of March 2020.

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