Zinneke is a performative lecture.
Zinneke means bastard in the language of the people of Brussels.
In this lecture I perform being a mother, being my mother on stage.
Zinneke is also an archive of silent voices, of the voices that have
being removed from the main picture of History, and by putting my mum
on stage I am giving volume to her story, as a performative gesture or
as Isabel Stengers names it, creating Herstory.
For this gesture I do collect different materials;
A collection of images that construct the Somatopolitical regime of
the binary system of gender.
A collection of poems.
Giving volume to this stories ends up as noise.
Noise as an accumulation of layers.
Noise as rage coming from different lines of oppression, and finally
noise as a way to release the
invisibility of the stories hidden by History.

This project was developed thanks to the support of a grant by the Flemish goberment in the context of the research cycle in P.A.R.T.S.

The archive of postures and movement was part of a research in the context of Somatecx; an artistic and activist group initiated by Paul B Preciado part of the advance studies in Museum Reina Sofía, Madrid.

Zinneke was presented in the festival “The Future is Feminist” in Brussels along an invitation from the collective Just for the Record.

In Donostia in the context of the festival Feministaldia.

Festival ‘HH’ La Poderosa and Macba Museum, Barcelona.

Zinneke es una conferencia performativa.

Zinneke significa bastardo en la lengua de la gente de Bruselas.

Zinneke es la presentación de este archivo de conocimientos diversos, relatado por mi Madre,

es escuchar la Historia contada por ella.

Zinneke es un archivo de gestos performativos, de poesías y de voces silenciadas.

Es aprender a ser mi Madre,

es cuidaros y cuidarme en escena.

Zinneke es mi Madre haciendo ruido.

Esta investigación fué posible gracias a una beca de investigación en P.A.R.T.S, el archivo de gestos performativos lo inicié como parte del proyecto “Les Borders” dentro del grupo de investigación en prácticas creep-queer Somatecx. Este colectivo fué iniciado por el filósofo Paul B Preciado en el 2013 en el Museo Nacional De Arte Reina Sofía.